Assessment Benchmarking Seminars…

TTS is proud to launch a new series of assessment practice breakfast benchmarking seminars.

TTS is a product-neutral supplier of best of breed assessment devices and solutions. During this series of morning breakfast seminars TTS will share different assessment solutions and approaches by different test vendors and suppliers. Each solution is making slightly different contributions to the talent management challenges of organisations, and each is presenting a slightly different focus and outcome. During these seminars the best of breed solutions will be discussed and their strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted and demonstrated. By benchmarking these solutions to best practice, and understanding their unique contributions, it will be possible to decide on the right solution for your specific talent management needs.

Screening through volumes – 30 May 2013

Screening through volumes of candidates poses its own challenges. It can quickly become a time consuming, labour intensive and cumbersome task. The challenge is to create a streamlined and fully integrated assessment process that generates valid and reliable information and allows for clear differentiation across canididates.

Graduate screening and selection – 20 June 2013
The wide geographic distribution of graduates; a need for multiple, creative and diverse assessment methods; and the need to integrate assessments from different providers into a single online service; are but some of the challenges faced when embarking on a graduate screening and selection process.

Sales effectiveness – 4 July 2013
Selecting and developing effective sales people who can drive the sales process from beginning to end, are crucial to the survival of most organisations in today’s highly competitive economy.

What should we be looking for in order to predict and drive sales effectiveness? Should we be looking at different sales-specific competency models, or should we also consider performance over the different stages of the sales cycle? Or what about environmental motivators that lead to sales success?

Where: NEW TTS offices
Time: 8:30am to 11:00am
Cost: No charge

Limited space is available, so reserve your seat now to avoid disappointment.

Please e-mail us at to reserve your seat.

CPD point allocation pending approval.

NEW Offices

TTS is proud to host our knowledge sharing breakfasts at our brand NEW offices in Pretoria. You can find us at our new address:

TTS, Suite 6-102, Monument Office Park, 79 Steenbok Avenue, Monument Park, Pretoria.

July 16, 2015