Competency Modelling – Now Faster, Simpler and more Integrated than Ever

Job analysis is the cornerstone of all HR activities, and if done properly acts as the foundation for all other talent management processes. According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), now the Association of Talent Development, proper job-analysis holds numerous practical advantages such as identifying the value of a job/position, obtaining the key performance indicators for a job, and allowing development of employees to take place against a job-profile. Additionally, the job-analysis process can identify key constructs that can be measured using a variety of ‘best of breed’ assessment instruments. The TTS-Define system is an online integrated job-analysis process that job-analysts can use to quickly select competencies, have them rated by subject matter experts (SMEs) (in order of importance) while automatically linking competencies to appropriate assessment measures. As a result, TTS-Define has been upgraded to include up-to-date functionality and increase the simplicity of the job-analysis process.


June 10, 2016