Current trends in graduate recruitment

Graduate recruitment has changed considerably in recent years – and we are fortunate to see this first hand, and across the world. Howard Grosvenor, from cut-e, has brought some interesting insights of current trends in graduate recruitment. Some of the highlights are reflected below.

A greater use of behavioural and values models by organisations in graduate selection. There has been a shift away from using universal competencies required in graduates, towards identifying a match with specific organisational competencies.


A growth in candidate-centric recruitment models such as creating a personal profile and a range of potential job-match scores which can then be searched by employers via a database.

Cognitive ability is still important when looking at the graduate population especially where shorter assessments can be used.

Technology is integrated into the early stages of screening and selection processes and links to the organisation’s HR systems.

Social media presence and video technology interviews has become increasingly popular for organisations. This includes making use of tablet devices where applicable.

Assessment continues beyond initial hiring and through all stages of the graduate development programme. After profiling its talent at selection, L&D professionals then look to check progress against goals and potential areas for development against the organisation’s behavioural model.

June 25, 2015