New Products Developments by Saville Assessments

Saville Assessments are award-winning solutions that are used throughout our client’s organizations for selection, development, and related applications.

As a dynamic product provider, Saville is constantly conducting research to further provide value for end-users of their assessments. Not least of which are new applications and domains of assessments that speak to the modern world of work and its many challenges.

In this article, we detail three key innovations and new developments from Saville:

  1. The Swift Global Aptitude assessment
  2. The Wave Resilient Agility report
  3. The Customer Situations assessment

The Swift Global Aptitude assessment

Saville assessments recently released a new addition to their existing, award-winning Swift range of aptitude tests, the Swift Global.

Swift Global is a mobile-first, interactive measure of the cognitive ability that underpins the capacity to flexibly solve problems and apply learning in new environments at work.

This 12-minute combination test efficiently assesses an individual’s ability to think abstractly, reason quickly, and solve problems effectively. It measures three key areas:

  • Recall: assessing the ability to correctly remember figures and their position in a grid of cards (see example item below).
  • Numbers: assessing the ability to identify patterns in a series of numbers.
  • Abstract: assessing the ability to identify patterns in a series of shapes and symbols.

Fig 1. Example item from the Recall subscale in the Swift Global Aptitude assessment

The Swift Global assessment is ideal for use in global assessment projects:

  • It was designed for completion on a mobile device,
  • uses minimized language content,
  • and is highly visual

The Swift Global is therefore an assessment with a global reach, applicable to a wide range of roles. Norms reflect this, and benchmarking is available for graduates, professionals, and managers.

The Wave Resilient Agility report

Having employees who are comfortable with complexity and possess the emotional resilience to adapt to change is increasingly important to the success of modern organizations.  In response to this ever-growing need, Saville has developed a measure of resilient agility, based on the Wave workplace behavioral measure.

Using the Building Resilient Agility report allows organizations to identify and develop employees who will deal effectively with organizational and marketplace change. As such, resilient agility is a unique form of agility that is robust and can be maintained over the long term.

Individuals who possess it are more likely to be effective during times of change and have the capacity to be agile when needed most. In addition, these behaviors are closely linked to high performance and potential in the workplace.

Resilient agility uses data generated from the Wave personality questionnaire to identify individuals who have the agility to respond positively to change as well as the resilience and drive to see it through.

The Resilient Agility Model was designed using 10 years of big data from the Wave, comprising 35,000 data points. Validity was established by correlating behaviors predictive of change as measured by the Wave with performance and potential in the workplace.

The Building Agility model relates to four key behavioral drivers:

  • Dealing with change: Embracing change positively. Managing uncertainty with composure.
  • Staying connected: Making and maintaining connections. Actively participating and communicating.
  • Enabling new ways of working: Using insights to forge new directions at work. Ensuring effective work plans are delivered.
  • Maintaining drive: Capitalizing on the opportunities change presents. Keeping everyone focused on key work objectives.

The main purpose of The Resilient Agility report is that of people development and can be generated upon completion of either the Wave Focus Styles or Wave Professional Styles. It is a narrative report only and is intended to be given directly to candidates as part of development interventions.

Since the Agility Report is used as additional information, it is not positioned as a selection data input. It is therefore not integrated with the TTS Talent Match Reports (TMR) but can be requested as a stand-alone Saville report.

The Customer Situations Assessment

In response to the growing need for practical, job-relevant assessments in the customer service sector, Saville has developed the Customer Situations assessment.

This assessment uses engaging content designed to get candidates excited about the contact center role. The Customer Situations assessment is a situational-based tool that is ideal for use in the remote customer service sector.

It uses short, specific situations that give a realistic preview of customer service roles and takes 10 minutes to complete, using 8 different scenarios and 4 response items (see below for an example item).

Situations used in the assessment include:

  • Finding out key information
  • Supporting colleagues
  • Dealing with challenging customers
  • Following processes
  • Escalating important issues

Fig. 2 Example item from the Customer Situation assessment

This assessment is applicable for most staff in contact and remote customer assistance staff, from entry-level to team leaders.

At present, a stand-alone customer situations assessment report is available that presents an individual’s Customer Contact Fit Score – an indication of their likely ability to understand the effectiveness of different actions in a remote customer interaction.

Final thoughts

At TTS we are always investigating new ways of providing the very best-of-breed assessment products for our clients’ talent challenges.

Saville assessments is a globally recognized product partner and we look forward to implementing these new solutions in local organizations.

If you would like to know more about how Saville assessments and reports can help your organization thrive, why not connect with us at