The new book, Psychometrics@work from Professor Peter Saville and Tom Hopton provides a preview of what can and can’t be done with psychometrics. 

The book is written and designed for individuals who are interested in learning about psychometric assessment including taking tests or implementing them. Psychometrics@work provides a straightforward approach to a field of study which can be seen as daunting or complicated area.

 “A really helpful book. There are lots of psychometric instruments around and hardly a year goes by without something new being published. It’s sometimes hard to know what’s what objectively. Plus, we all hang on to our favorites, even when they are getting a little long in the tooth! Books like this allow us all to step back and think about what we are using and why.” – CI Welford

The book is already receiving great reviews, click here to read more.

June 25, 2015