Saville Professional Styles Work Roles Report

Our Product Partner Saville Consulting has recently launched their new Work Roles Report. This report will be replacing the Team Roles Report. The information to populate the report is drawn from the Professional Styles Assessment with the output based on Belbin’s team roles.

In essence, ‘Work’ replaces the ‘Team’ descriptor in the new Work Roles Report. It was the restrictive nature and limited application of the word ‘Team’ that motivated the improvement. This change opens a wider field of application for roles, to be used across smaller teams or larger groups of any size and across any level. The Work Roles Report now leverages the power of self-awareness and encourages individual development, whilst focusing on group dynamics and enhancing performance.

The new Work Roles Report includes feedback on your preferred work roles, your dual work roles, and your contrasting work roles. In addition, the report now includes helpful tips on how to improve your work roles, how to work with individuals with different work roles, as well as how to work with individuals with the same work roles.

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November 21, 2016