Talent Assessment 2020

Saville Consulting a Willis Towers Watson Company held their Talent Assessment 2020 Conference during October and welcomed over 120 senior talent professionals from across the world. Delegates completed a short survey about their current talent assessment strategy and the following main themes emerged: (1) use and effectiveness of assessment methods; (2) developing potential; (3) and impactful leadership.

With regards to the use and effectiveness of assessment methods it was found that application forms and CV’s were the most popular assessment methods but did not identify high caliber candidates. However situational judgement tests were the second most popular for identifying high caliber candidates but the least used. Whereas face-to-face interviews were more frequently used and perceived to be the most effective. In terms of developing potential only 13% of delegates believe that line managers are well equipped to develop potential, as the organisational structures become more flat and more agile this could be a potential issue for the future. Concerning impactful leadership the two areas where leaders need to create the most impact is engagement and successful teams; and a critical feature of the future in terms of leadership is engaging and inclusive leadership.

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December 8, 2016