Talent Match Reports

Flexible, integrated and automated assessment reports for more contextual, fair and accurate talent decisions.

Talent Match Reports provides organisations with a range of options that present assessment results in simple graphical and competency-based formats. Highly contextual reports integrate and match assessment results from multiple providers to any weighted client or job-specific competency profile. Reports are customised to use the client’s competency language, making results line manager friendly and practically helpful.


All reports are designed by IO Psychologists, then automated and sent to authorised feedback providers immediately after a candidate has completed all online assessments. Reports are accompanied by competency-based interview guidelines and personal development tips. Reports can be fully customised and be branded with corporate logo’s.

Benefits of Talent Match Reports

  • Simplified Talent Match Reports for use across the talent life-cycle include interview guides, development tips and full succession reports that ensure alignment with your talent management strategy.
  • Combine multiple instruments, multiple profiles or new competency dimensions using different weights and present them in multiple formats.
  • Summary profiles use intelligent logic to plot strengths and development needs depending on the importance of the dimension for job success.
  • Add information from ‘off-line’ sources like assessment centres, simulations or interviews using online data capture for immediate integration into fit scores and reports.
  • Talent match scores and profile data are available as a full Excel export for integration with your organisational systems.
  • Flexible with your corporate or context specific ‘look & feel’, tailored competency descriptions or organisational value or leadership models at no additional costs.
  • Cost effective with no additional costs for Merit Lists, regardless of how many you need. Pay for one TMR and get the interview guide and development tips free of charge.
  • Report complexity is classified according to International best practice guidelines and system controlled to ensure that untrained users do not get access to expert reports.
  • Secure with controlled distribution and password protected PDF reports.

TTS solutions are deliberately contextual, flexible and integrated. We believe that assessment information can make a significant difference in improving talent decisions. For assessment results to be useful, they must be simple to understand, contextually relevant and accurate. Unfortunately this value often gets lost due to lengthy, overly psychological and unfocused narrative assessment reports.

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July 16, 2015