tts-assess Integrated Online Assessments

Simplifying the assessment management process so that you can focus on the value add by making better decisions.

TTS solutions are deliberately contextual, flexible and integrated to enhance the quality of talent decisions. Unfortunately this value is often lost due to inefficient, frustrating and costly assessment processes.


tts-assess is an integrated online assessment service. It offers a simplified, integrated cost effective, customisable, consistent and secure assessment process. It is designed to enable users to make better talent decisions.

tts-assess delivers an online assessment service using assessments from multiple providers that are integrated and efficiently delivered to test takers, using a single platform. All online or off-line assessment data are securely stored and accessed centrally.

The most powerfull feature of tts-assess is the flexibility and customised and user friendly report outputs and data display in configuarable merit lits or data dumps.

Integrated Products

tts-assess integrates multiple providers and assessment including:

  • Behavioural questionnaires
  • Personality questionnaires
  • Ability and skills tests
  • Online application forms
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Customised surveys

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July 16, 2015