tts-define online success profiling

Simplifying job analysis and competency profiling so that you can make more accurate and contextual talent decisions.

We believe that an understanding of job contexts and requirements lead to better integration of assessment results, and better talent decisions. Unfortunately this value often gets lost due to tedious and time consuming job analysis processes producing poorly defined profiles based on generic competency frameworks.


tts-define is a highly flexible job analytic tool that can be used to determine the critical person-specific components that are most related to successful performance in a job.

Many organisations have their own competency language that speaks to their context and specific talent strategies. Tts-define is framework independent allowing clients to use their own competency language to profile their jobs, while online delivery facilitates the concurrent completion by multiple subject matter experts, resulting in inclusivity and depth of data collection.

Success profiling and competency design training

This two-day training is ideal for those who are involved in job analysis or the development of competency models. Delegates are exposed to a range of job analysis methods and competency frameworks.

Learning objectives

  • Gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of success profiling and competency design
  • Understand how success profiling & competency management fits into the wider talent management cycle
  • Understand the difference between job analysis and competency modelling
  • Learn about best practice guidelines in success profiling
  • Understand the typical pitfalls of success profiling
  • Learn how to use the tts-define Success and Competency Profiling Software Platform through practical exercises

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July 16, 2015