TTS is a Gold Sponsor at SIOPSA Conference 2016

The 18th Annual SIOPSA Conference 2016 which will be held at the CSIR from 19 to 21 July is themed “IO Psychology – In Service to Society” which will introduce the “Four Centres of Excellence” that form part of SIOPSA’s four imperatives.

These Four Centres of Excellence include: 

  • Education: This stream will look more closely at the identity, development and training of emerging Industrial/Organisational Psychologists within the context of the South African National Development Plan which prioritises education, training and development.
  • Wellness: This stream will focus on the wellness of organisations, individuals and the role of corporate social investment initiatives within the South African context. With employee disengagement costing organisations billions in lost revenue this stream hopes to create discussion and solutions around this important topic.  
  • Leadership: This stream focuses on the development and leveraging of Industrial/Organisational Psychology thought leaders. More importantly, there is a need for thought leaders in the field to engage in debate and conversation with one another in order to distinguish Industrial/Organisational Psychology from other related disciplines such as Human Resource Management. 
  • Research: This stream hopes to integrate research and practice into a more well-rounded scientist-practitioner model. Generally, a focus on practice in the profession has caused research to lag behind. This stream hopes to breach this gap. 

These exciting streams of excellence will once again draw together numerous stakeholders in the Industrial/Organisational Psychology field. Additionally, we will also be presenting at this year’s conference to add to the body of knowledge of the profession and contribute to the centres of excellence. 

Have a look at the interesting and relevant topics our team is presenting on this year:  

Eltroné Wilhelm & Nicola Symington 

  • Situational Judgement Questionnaires (SJQs) and Realistic Job Previews (RJPs): Old Fashioned, or the Future? 

Professor Hennie Kriek 

  • Potential vs. Experience: Implications for People Assessment and IO Psychology

Jörn Dannheimer

  • Dehrmann: A Holistic View on Leadership Styles and the Impact they have on Organisational Culture, Bottom-Line, and Success
  • Learnings and Suggestions for Strengthening Succession Planning Projects 

Fred Guest

  • Practical Strategies in the Selection of Test Batteries – A Utility Based Approach
  • Leading Human Capital in 2020 and Beyond [ in collaboration with Teasdale and Titus]

Francois de Wet

  • Developing a Competency and Skills Framework to Reduce Employee Turnover, Enhance the Skills of the Workforce and Inform Development Opportunities
  • Positive Organisational Psychology: A Collection of Current South African Research [in collaboration with Du Plessis, Heyns, van Heerden, McCallaghan, Kruger, Olckers, Jorgenson, and Vermeulen] 

Cara Thuynsma

  • The Variance Explained in Burnout by Work-Specific Factors, Depressive Symptoms and Satisfaction with Life [in collaboration with de Beer]

Paul Vorster

  • Test Validation Panel Discussion [in collaboration with Morgan]


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June 10, 2016