What is the ROI of online assessments? Some cut-e statistics

IO practitioners are often required to justify assessment spend and ROI. Fortunately, our assessment partners at cut-e have lent a helping hand in this regard by conducting several studies inside client companies that measured ROI.

Here is a quick summary of the highlight findings:

  • High performers were 40% more likely to be identified using online tools
  • A technology company using online assessments experienced a 36% increase in revenue and a 42% increase in profit because of better selection practices
  • Using online assessments helped increase sales by 18%
  • Online assessments used for graduate programme selection resulted in a savings of 260,000 euro in a technology company
  • A mobile telecoms company managed to increase apprenticeship completion from 88% to 95% by using online assessments for selection of candidates.

Robust online assessments make a difference. Be sure to have statistics like those above at your fingertips the next time the question of ROI is raised!

For more information on how we can help you make better talent decisions with online tools such as the cut-e suite of tests, drop us a line at info@tts-talent.com