Best-of-Breed Products

At TTS we source the best assessment products that the world of modern Industrial and Organisational Psychology has to offer. We measure all assessment tools against two key criteria before recommending it to our clients:

Will it help you to make better talent decisions?

Is it cost effective?

Drawing on decades of experience in the assessment market, we know that not all assessment products are created equal. That’s why we only work with assessment companies that can deliver best-of-breed talent assessment products.

Saville Assessment

One of the foremost assessment providers who strive to transform assessment processes around the world. Saville Consulting develops rigorous and work-relevant assessment tools to measure the critical fit between individuals, role, and workplace culture. An international business founded in 2004 by Professor Peter Saville, it operates in over 80 countries and has clients within the public, private and governmental sectors. Saville have a proud history of delivering assessments for clients such as Nestle, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Kellogg’s, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, PWC, Walmart, Jaguar Landrover and BP and have products available in over 35 languages. The Saville team comprise human resource specialists in psychology, business consulting and information technology.

Aon Assessment Services

With over 30 million assessments administered each year in 40 languages, across 90 countries, Aon Assessment Solutions partner with TTS in providing innovative and future-proof assessment solutions.  
Aon’s brand-supporting-solutions are engaging and employ the best of AI and psychometric advances to deliver gamified and mobile-first assessments to all levels within an organization. 

With internationally recognized measures such as the ADEPT-15, Aon allows TTS to assist our globally-distributed clients from all industries with their talent assessments.


Skiilify (previously TASCA Global) was founded by Dr. Paula Caligiuri, who works extensively with leading organizations and universities on the development of individuals’ cultural agility and career success, and co-founder Andy Palmer, who is a passionate technology leader.

Skiilify is a leading expert in strategic human resource management with a focus on global leadership development, international assignee management, and cultural agility. Their clients include private sector, military, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Asia, Australia, and Europe.


Talogy combines psychology and technology to create talent solutions and assessments for more than 10 000 clients in 160 countries worldwide. Its global operation conducts more than 30 million assessments each year.

Talogy’s assessment solutions range from virtual assessment centres, and skills tests to behavioural measures and is used for strategic talent management, selection and development. Distributor of a&dc simulation exercises, Talogy is one of the largest assessment providers in the world. The company delivers mission-critical programmes across sectors, with a proven track record in industries such as aviation, finance, healthcare, IT certification, real estate, cosmetology, insurance and construction.


HireVue has hosted more than 22 million on-demand interviews in more than 700 enterprise clients globally. Its scientifically validated solutions have contributed to HireVue being named among the top 10 “Most Promising Companies” in America by Forbes and is a five-time winner of “Top HR Product of the Year” by HR Executive Magazine. 

HireVue is a world-leading provider of video interviewing and pre-hire assessments. Their Hiring Intelligence platform transforms the way companies discover and hire talent and by combining video interviews with predictive, validated occupational science and artificial intelligence, HireVue augments human decision-making in the hiring process and delivers higher quality talent, faster, more efficiently and with far less bias.


Our internationally recognized partner in virtual interviewing, RecRight, is available in more than 25 countries globally and has been the preferred recruitment and talent selection solution for one-way interviewing in companies such as Netflix, Uber, and Volvo. 

By using RecRight’s unique video interviewing solution, we can provide affordable and efficient one-way virtual interviews to small, medium and large enterprises alike.


Apart from providing accessible expertise, TTS also develops custom assessment products for specific client applications when best-of-breed products are not immediately available. Our dedicated research unit is well-versed in best practices of assessment construction and validation. We are veterans of developing 360 degree and company surveys, structured competency-based interviews, situational judgement tests, and selected assessment devices for custom or niche competencies.