Strength in Volumes…

Large projects that involve selecting volumes of candidates, such as graduate recruitment, present their own challenges. Generating valid, reliable and useful information in order to make selection decisions is often costly and time consuming. A major challenge is the process of matching large numbers of candidate’s behavioural profiles to the role in mind, and then comparing these candidates with one another.

TTS provides a range of competency based screening tools to assist you in making better talent decisions when managing large volumes of candidates. As a fully accredited Saville Consulting Group partner, TTS is proud to present Saville Consulting Work Strengths!

Work Strengths, now with South African benchmarks, is a powerful behavioural screening questionnaire built around the Wave Performance Culture Framework. It offers a cost effective, time efficient and valid approach to measuring potential and culture fit in high volume assessment. The questionnaire takes only 20 minutes to complete.

The results for large numbers of candidates are displayed on a user friendly merit list for easy decisions making on who you want to spend more time on.

For more facts about Work Strengths click here, or, for a more detailed overview of the technical details click here.

July 16, 2015