The assessment of creativity: an introduction to sparks

What is sparks?
sparks is a new test developed by cut-e that measures creativity. It’s the first test that measures creativity online and by using artificial intelligence components that interface with Google to score the instrument and instantly produce a report.

What is so great about sparks?
sparks is designed to assess creativity which is an essential aspect of innovation. People who have the potential to innovate are becoming highly sought after by many organisations as innovations drive crucial competitive advantage in the free market economy. When used in combination with the cut-e shapes (measurement of competencies); and the scales lst (logical thinking), one is able to obtain a score across all the stages of the innovation process thus being able to identify an individuals’ potential to innovate.

What does sparks measure?
sparks provides the test user with three scales critical to the process of innovation:

  • Fluency – being able to address issues with determination and working quickly; being able to generate numerous ideas and alternative solutions to a problem
  • Flexibility – being able to adapt to new challenges and not stop at the first solution 
  • Originality – not allowing instructions and pre-requisites to restrict one’s own thinking and convictions; being able to make uncommon connections and develop fresh thinking

How and where can sparks be used?
sparks can be used for potential analysis and screening across all professions which require a certain degree of creativity. It can also be used in:

  • self-assessment in career counselling
  • development and teambuilding
  • selection to screen for talent that will innovate

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August 13, 2015